Thursday, July 15, 2010

Are You A Cyberchondriac?

With a vast majority of the population having access to the Internet, you essentially have the largest library at your fingertips. Search engines allow you to find instructions on how to install a carburetor in your car to seeing what your favorite celebrity is doing right that second. But what happens when you use this tool to diagnose medical conditions based on your current symptoms. You may just be a cyberchondriac.

What is a cyberchondriac? According to Wikipedia, Cyberchondria refers to the unfounded escalation of concerns about common symptomology based on review of search results and literature online. There are popular websites that offer a wealth of medical knowledge allowing you to relate signs and symptoms to particular medical conditions. However, the use of search engines can allow the common Internet surfer to land on websites that might not offer such researched findings.

It is always best to rely on medical advice given by a trained medical professional, especially in a situation involving poisonings. The faster you react to a possible exposure to a harmful substance the faster you can receive the right steps to take in order to treat it at home or seek more advanced care. The Georgia Poison Center not only answers questions relating to poisonings but can also offer general information regarding any substance that you may have questions about.

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