Monday, March 14, 2011

Interesting Case | Purse Full o' Goodies

Do you remember growing up as a child with that one parent, or more than likely grandparent, that always had some sort of goody in their purse? Believe it or not those people still exist! Always willing to reach inside their purse and behold the magic sweetness that brings the widest smile to any child’s face. But what happens when the adult isn’t around, but the purse is? Since most children more so associate the candy with the purse, rather than the candy with the adult, they dig deep into the purse looking for…candy! Such was the case with a recent caller.

The concerned grandmother of a two-year old called us regarding her granddaughter who got into her purse and instead of candy, got a hold of a packet of silica gels. The purse happened to be brand new and those small packets of silica gels are often packaged inside of products such as purses and shoes. To a two-year old this packet looked a lot like candy. The child sucked on the packet, puncturing a hole in it and some of the contents got into the child’s mouth. Luckily, the grandmother called us in time and we were able to advise her on what to do.

Often times as caregivers, we underestimate the ingenuity of a two-year old! At this stage a lot is learned through association. That’s why it is always important to try and keep items not suitable for children out of their reach and never refer to medicines as candy in a way of coaxing the child into taking it!

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