Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Kids Play With The Darndest Things

The common shoe box...

A harmless item with a slick surface that will allow kids to enjoy an amount of fun only limited by their imagination. Whether used as skates on a carpeted surface or a vehicle to transport their action figures, shoe boxes are a favorite item for kids to get into.

Although loads of funs for kids, packing material found within a shoe box can be a nightmare for parents. Small condiment sized packets labeled "DO NOT EAT" are sometimes found within shoe boxes. Unfortunately at times, "Do Not Eat" in kid language translates to "I wonder how these taste?"

These packages contain silica gel, a particle which helps control humidity and degradation of goods. If swallowed, they pose a choke hazard and can cause irritation to the respiratory and digestive tracts.

Be on the look out for these packets, the next time you let your children have their way with your shoe box collection. Always double check the contents first. If you think your child may have gotten into this substance, do not hesitate to contact the Georgia Poison Center at 1.800.222.1222 for assistance.

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