Friday, April 15, 2011

Interesting Case| Not All Medicines Are Created Equal

Have you ever been shopping in the medication aisle of your favorite drug store and your normal brand of medicine isn't available so you decide to choose what you think is a comparable substitute? Well, unfortunately not all medications are created equal. Eventhough some medications may show the same type of active ingredients and same strength, have you ever considered the difference in medication coating? One caller, unfortunately found out the hard way. He developed an allergic reaction to the new medication and experienced difficulty breathing. Upon calling the Georgia Poison Center, our Specialist in Poison Information listened to his symptoms and advised him on treatment. This caller was treated at a local hospital and released with no further complications.

Be sure to check with the pharmacist at your local drug store before switching over the counter medications. If you have questions about those that you've already purchased, be sure to give us a ring at 1.800.222.1222.

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