Monday, April 18, 2011

Interesting Case | Not So Fun In The Sun

With winter behind us and gorgeous weather an almost daily occasion, we tend to spend a lot more time outside than normal. Whether it be a leisurely stroll in the park or tossing the ball about in the yard, we definitely find ways to soak up the sun! A favorite past time of many during the spring is to tend to their lawns and gardens. You tend to see many of your neighbors making sure lawns are freshly manicured and weed free. This was no different for our recent caller John*. In order to control the weeds in his lawn, he used a common household pesticide that can be found at your local home improvement store. Unfortunately, the sprayer developed a leak and got all over his skin. John continued to treat his lawn and washed off the pesticide after he finished spraying. He developed a serious rash two days later. After treatment with an old tube of medication from a previous ailment didn't seem to be working, he called the Georgia Poison Center. We advised him on the types of irritations caused by herbicides (weed control) and what treatment to seek.

Think Poison.

When applying pesticides, always read the label. Follow the directions carefully and use the pesticide only as directed. Wear protective clothing such as coveralls, gloves, closed shoes, goggles, and a mask. If a spill occurs be sure to clean the area right away.

*caller's name was changed to protect their identity

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